Shoot for the Moon, Mars, and the Stars with Four Prime Space Tickets

If you scream in space, no one will hear you. It’s also convenient because they won’t know when you win when playing online casino games. This is why we’re venturing into territory that has been explored by only a handful of fictional heroes previously. Yes, you’re absolutely right. We are venturing far beyond our solar system to explore the possibility of winning money in the other three directions. Here are four of our favorite places in space that you’re welcome to visit whenever you like…

Conflicts in outer space

NetEnt’s Space Wars was released in 2013. It’s one of the casinos’ earliest slot machines, yet it’s still a favorite among players today. The reels in this game are see-through, and there are five of them across four rows. The game’s controls are shown on a virtual dashboard at the bottom of the screen, while a space setting serves as the backdrop. All of that together gives the impression that you’re looking out the window of a spaceship.

The alien characters make up the bulk of the game’s icons, but the red crystal is the most valuable. Only reels two and four will include the WILD symbol. The visuals are impressive, especially given the game’s age, and the epic space soundtrack adds a lot of mood, which is kind of hilarious.

There is no free spins bonus, however there is a cloning pod to the right of the reels. After a successful spin, the winning alien will be placed in the cloning pod. You’ll get a free respin to try to locate these duplicate symbols after they’ve been introduced to the reels. After the respin is played, the reels revert to their original state.

Don’t let the 2013 release date put you off from playing this game; the experience is as rewarding as ever. Keep in mind that the first trilogy of Star Wars films was released even earlier and is now considered a masterpiece. That’s not our judgment, that’s a proven reality.

Women in Spacesuits

Strangely, 1960s science fiction media assumed that miniskirts would be the standard issue for female astronauts of the future. Playtech’s Astro Babes slot is a humorous homage to the trope by dressing its five cartoonish protagonists in skintight leotards.

Each Astro Babe takes up an entire reel and is one reel tall. A chick goes completely mad when her reel features her in its entirety. That means she’ll change outfits quickly so she can stand in for any other standard symbol and increase your chances of winning.

A first aid pack, oxygen tank, spanner, ray gun, and communicator are some of the additional icons that may appear on the reels. Gwen, Betsy, Violet, Roxy, and Bonny are the babes, and they each represent a higher paying symbol in their own right. All five reels have a blue rocket ship scatter symbol, and the wild symbol acts as a multiplier on its own.

When 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear anywhere on the reels, the Hyperspace Delivery Bonus is activated. There are a total of 100 pay lines in this game, and you can win on any of them with the help of the free spins (you can choose between 12, 20, or 50).


Check out IO if the thought of gambling in outer space appeals to you. Instead of spinning reels, players in this excellent slot from 2020’s ELK Studios let loose balls into a massive clear tube. You’ll have a good perspective of the planet you’re approaching as the game takes place on a spaceship.

Each ball has a different symbol on it, such as a J, Q, K, A, star, clover, diamond, or red 7. Special symbols abound, and when they make an appearance in the tube, they trigger an effect. For instance, a wild can stand in for any other icon, while a laser will fire its beam, obliterating anything in its path.

Free drops are triggered when three bonus scatter symbols appear in the tube. The standard number of rows is increased to eight, and this feature can be retriggered.

To the Next Generation, from Star Trek

Skywind Group’s Star Trek: The Next Generation slot machine may be the greatest space-themed game on this list if you’re a lover of the Star Trek franchise. When you first start the game, you’ll see a short video sequence based on the TV program, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s voice will read his now-familiar line about boldly going where no one has gone before. This is a fantastic addition, and really helps to build the mood for the game.

The lower part of the screen displays the game’s five reels and four rows. As the Starship Enterprise travels across space, the upper part of the screen displays an expansive vista of the cosmos. The major cast of the program, including Worf, Data, and Picard, are among the symbols on the reels, along with a variety of other pieces of equipment. The Starship Enterprise is a wildcard and the most valuable symbol in the game.

Free spins are triggered when the game’s logo appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. If a character takes up two or more slots on a reel, they will expand to fill the entire reel before returning to the Enterprise, taking with them a stack of wilds to be used for the rest of the free spins.






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